New Chapter…New Journal

So today I will officially be living in my new home, I found an amazing space with 2 guys who are exactly what I can deal with on a regular basis and 2 guys that are clearly going to be some great friends. Brad and Paul are both professional older (NOT OLD, just older then me) who have clearly had there share of lifes twists and turns, but remain focused and strong minded as well as caring, I move in today.

I was setting up my room and moving stuff in yesterday and I just felt so at piece, it just hasnt been like that for me here in the past couple of months. When I was home for break I really did realize just how much I missed everyone there, so coming back after being there for 6 weeks…well it wasnt so easy. But here I sit last night, on my new bed, in my new home, realizing just how much I have going for me. It wasnt until Paul said something to me about being “an inspiration to his friends” that made me realize this. Paul has friends who have HIV. They consider me an inspiration because apparently my story gives them hope for the good in life. I almost burst into tears when he told me this and I really was touched.

My mother and I had a cryfest last week on the phone for related reason. She finally told me how proud she was of me, something that didnt often enough come out of her mouth. It felt good to hear that from her, it felt good that she realized all I have overcome to be where I am at. I thank her now for being an inspiration to me, to be something I can and will never be, she is a good person with alot of bad things in her life. I pray for her when I go to church, I pray she feels better physically and most importantly mentally, hopefully she will one day be the mom I loved to cook with, go grocery shopping with, or just sit and talk with…one day.

I decided to start a new blog because of this new chapter I feel I am starting with moving. This new location will inturn open new doors for me for meeting new people, seeing new places, and expierening new things…so heres to the chapter of 755 14th street!

Till next time…All of it!


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