Wow, talk about being creatively tired…how about 9 straight hours of critiques of student short films…it was final film presentation day and it was seriously exhausting…I am impressed by the work that comes from my collegues but some of it is just trash. I mean lets be real, if after 15 weeks you still cant grasp reverse angles you will NOT make it in this business. You have to pick it up quick and get the basic concepts to really be good at this. I find myself picking up alot better then I thought I would. I can still honestly say I have to learn alot more to really get a grasp on the filmmaking world but I am definitly on my way there.

My film was shown several times over the past couple of weeks and the reactions I got were overall good. I had a student tell me she thought it was a very moving piece which is exactly what I wanted. For someone to feel something from the ART you make is exactly what you mean to do. I did my best on my film and thats all I can ever say, nothing more, nothing less.

I decided Im going to do a fun little project and shoot a mini short documentary on myself and my life in NY when I go home for the few days Im going for. I am excited by this because my friends here can see my friends from home and see what its like for me there, so in the sense of real world I will be followed, completely uncensored…
Should be fun!

Im off to Tower to check out some new CD’s with Paul…Hes a fabulous roomie…Tata!


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