W & W

Work is such a nessecary evil. Most of us will work 40 hours and then some every single week of our lives for the rest of our lives just to get by. To make sure the bills are paid, to make sure we have food in our mouths, to make sure our families are taken care of. Its incredible to me just how backwards society is today. Mostly because of the fabulous president we have who would rather see the richer get rich and the poorer get well poorer…I mean lets look at the facts people. We have a record high deficit now in the US that has happened over the past 5 years, when just 5 years ago our society economically was the best it has ever been at. Baby Bush has made a huge social decline in the unemployment rate and in peoples perception of what our govt does for us. Why on a daily basis are we questioning where our money goes and if they are taking so much for “taxes” how come we as citizens of the US are not reeping the benefits that citizens of other countries get. How about unified health care…jesus you know how much we pay for that every month and in other countries they get it just because they are a ciizen of that country.

I wonder often about where we will be in a few years from now, I fear the worst is yet to come, we thought 9-11 was horrible, I think we are honestly headed to an even worse time. Though I care about my life and those of every citizen in this country, I worry most about those who work and dedicate there lives for us and for a gov’t that is so greedy and contrived. They do what they do for freedom and they dont even realize they are helping destroy the very thing they are fighting for.

I pray for the soliders who risk there lives for me and I pray for Baby Bush to wake up and realize what this country needs…Unification NOT Segregation!

I think we would get along…If I wasnt a liberal gay democrat!


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