Star Wars was visually amazing….The acting could of been a hell of alot better but visually it was superb. The sum up of the story worked in all aspects and I enjoyed the Yoda fight scenes once again…Go see it, come on, I mean it IS the last one, its well worth it…

To you, you may only be one person, but to someone else, you maybe everything they need. I enjoy you, your company, your humor, your silence, your eyes, your smile, your voice, your laugh, I enjoy the way you say somethings cute, I enjoy your realism, I enjoy our talks, I enjoy the things that you dont get to see often enough in people…Feelings are harsh and real…Im to afraid of them.
In due time I will tell you…

In due time…
But for now, you may not be ready for them, and I cant handle that rejection…
When its meant, its meant.

Let the force be with you…till next time ;O)


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