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Enough Said!

So Carrie won! Good for her, I havent watched this season religiously but I have seen many performances via the website or TV recaps, and I taken away by Carries voice, makes me drift, which is something healthy and good for music and for sales. I think both Carrie and BO are extremely talented and will have careers once this show end, no matter who the winner is. Though Carrie is more sellable to a wider audience I think Bo would and could make a living at being a performer and signing with Clive Davis, who is showing interest either way, winner or loser, would be a GREAT thing for him.

Ellen sweeped the Daytime Emmys. That bitch can dance! Loves it! Just what we need, A lil Ellen a day keeps the doctor away! :O)

So 6 days until I head home for a fabulous time. I really cant wait. The show at WaterWorks is called WATERSTOCK and will be hosted by me, JJ GAY, and setting the preshow on fire will be Mama, Storm, and Penny Larceny. Penny is retiring from the drag scence in Albany, so this show will be her last, making it all that much more special. Penny has done show after show and has dedicated many hours performing for free. Penny is a professional and a pleasure to work with, Thank you Penny for doing my going away party like no one else could have. I love you with all my heart and you will be missed! So The show will be ended by The amazing Lady Bunny tearing it up on stage…I cant wait!

Keep your fingers Crossed, my bio and resume has ended up in the hands of the programming dept at Energy 92.7 FM here in San Fran, to get an idea of how amazing this station is check out,

Oh ya by the way, I got some surprises in store for everyone at the show…You guys aint seen nuffin yet!


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