I stand on the underground train heading home after a day of galvanting around and visiting people and enjoying the beauty of the sun and cloud free day. Over the sounds of my Ipod Shuffle I hear a child laughing…I drop one earbud from an ear and look over and smile. There is a small asian child, ruffly about 3 yrs old, sitting with his Grandfather, and laughing at the games his grandfather plays with him with his hand, swaying it back and forth, closer and closer to his face, occassionally grabbing his nose, his laugh and youth inspires the grandfather to let his inner child play along. The smile came apon my face because of what I remember of the simple things that thrilled us so much growing up and how now life is so much more complicated and how easily we can get caught up in it all, but how we have to remain grounded and take a second….
Look around us…
Declare what’s amazing…
Reflect in it’s beauty…
And just smile…
And blame it on our youth.

Your smile is just the 3 yr old in you coming out and letting you know its okay to just be you in this world…

To JC : When you look deep enough inside yourself, pushing back everything, and really discovering who you are. It gets easier, peel back the layers and enjoy lifes small and wonderous beauties…you are amazing and will be even more when you realize that. Your not sugar, when you get wet you wont melt…Your not glass, when you fall you wont shatter…I love you and take one step at a time, it will all come together…I promise.


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