Day 1

Day 1…
Here it is…
A lil update for everyone. I quit my job at Plaza Research making very decent money and working with a great staff to take a temp. job because I couldn’t pass it up. Though many questions are still unanwsered about how long this gig will go or how much work I’ll be doing. The gig is for a MAJOR TV network working on staff for a new reality show being shot here in San Francisco. I am very excited about this and wish things could be different with Plaza but I just have to think long term and if things go well this gig could open doors for me that need to be opened. School is going well even though my mind isnt totally in it, I am still doing well and working my ass off doing the 1200 things I usually have going on. But I think about it…
y do so much!?
y continue this way?
I love it,
I wouldn’t have it any other way…
This is who I am and I live and breathe being busy and working. I am lucky that I am this way because door after door opens for me.
Thank you…to myself I guess, I didn’t learn from example from my parents or anyone else for that matter. Maybe growing up being surrounded by so much negative energy that I had no other choice but to turn it into positivity.
Thank god for that…
Guidance through example is the way…
Live and Learn…
Because living is learning…
Think about it!



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