Yesterday afternoon Kevin and I spent pretty much the entire day drinking beer. Yes BEER!! I know most of you are shocked that somehow I could possibly drink something other then a rum and coke but I did and I felt like I was in college all over again. Here I am lined up every 20 minutes with my little plastic cup buying a beer for a $1.50 and throwing it back like it was water…sadly after 5 hours of straight drinking I realized it didn’t have the same effect as water, besides the making me pee every ten minutes.

I met a few cute fellas including a man with a prostectic leg who joked about being nicknamed WOODY and PEGGY…OYE!! *brief moment of silence for the most ackward moment EVER*

Anywhoo, I did spend a good portion of the evening chatting with many eligible bachelors including one named David who was just adorable and who I hope to talk to again, though talking was not the only activity we spent some time doing, he is a great kisser I couldn’t help it! HA!!

I also recently met a nice guy named Mandel who works in TV and film and hoping to see where our realtionship goes. Its not often you meet someone around your age that seems to be able to hold a decent conversation with you and relates to you because you both work in the same field. It’s nice…

Well I am off to figure out what time I am actually flying out of LA to get into Vegas…Im suppose to be heading out to pick something up at WEXLER (tech shizzy) and then flying out but we shall see what happens!

Take care and wish me luck in Vegas!!


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