Often in the past several years of my life I have met many celebrities, some were incredible, where others were how do Brad and Paul say it…NSM (Not so much!); but all in all being the HOLLYWOOD dork that I am, it is ALWAYS a treat to meet them no matter how they act. I have recently become very good friends with Nick Verreos from Project Runway 2, who the more and more I get to know, the more and more we both realize we may have been seperated at birth. He is truly an incredible spirit who I adore being around. His BF David was with him this weekend in SF for the 17th Annual GLAAD Media awards and just when I thought you couldn’t get nicer or near as sweet and nice as Nick, I met David, so accepting of Nick’s new life and understanding of others and those who adore Nick, it truly gave me hope for a relationship and LOVE like theres, hoping that one day I’d find the same! Thanks to David and Nick for an incredible weekend in SF, I look forward to many more to come…and I never mind playing “Talent Escort” for people I so truly adore!
Here’s a pic of Nick and I a the DOT LGBT Magazine Launch Party we appeared at in WEST HOLLYWOOD’s HERE Lounge!
Check out Nick’s online Blogspot at
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