3 years…almost

Tomorrow will mark 1 month till my 3 year anniversary of my Gastric bypass surgery which I had on July 18th, 2003. Hard to believe that 3 years have passed by but also how much my life is different now. Change has taken ahold of my life for the better. Showed me the true meaning of life, showed me life was okay to live and I could just be me and live my LIFE! My surgery not only saved my life physically, now 305 pds lighter, but emotionally and mentally I am a new free spirit and person. My heart consumed with love for myself and those around me. I honestly can say I love the people in my life. All of them have been such an incredible influence on who I am today. If I wasn’t lucky enough to have people like Bri, Kristen, Jenn, Sare, Doneen, Jackie, Paul, Brad, I mean I could honestly go on forever…who would I be without them; without you. Each individual has added something to who I am, to my heart, that if you took that small piece away, I wouldn’t ever be the same. I thank all of them and you for providing me through rough and not so rough times the joy of knowing I have love in all of you and I have friends who care about me more then I could ever know.

My life
day by day
accepting I am
to it
feel it
embrace it
heart it
thank you!


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