Repost…June 05

What are we afraid of as humans when it comes to change? Change comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes and differs from person to person but for some reason we all have a similar reaction to it. At first we are afraid, timid, or struck by this so called change but it’s at this point where we decide where we go from here. We either embrace the change or it ceases to affect us and we continue on with our lives. My question about change comes about for many different reasons but the main reason being why don’t those who want change, or need change, to better there current situation, why don’t they take it and run. Why NOT embrace it and change for this better. You’d be happier; you’d experience new things, or is that the problem? Are you afraid of these things, are you afraid of feeling new feelings and experiencing new experiences. Well don’t be. Life is not glorified without it, life can not and will not be fulfilled for you until you take these changes and morph them into exactly what you need to make your life worth living. Life is too short to leave change behind. Open the book and turn the pages, write your own story, make your own movie, and open your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul to this world, to this change, and you will forever be just that…changed.”


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