As a kid, I think my 1st man on man crush was Christopher Reeve as SUPERMAN; strong hearted and willed, sweet, sexy, and oh so dorky; all things that a superhero should be. Christopher just brought to life this super character above and beyond anything a viewer could imagine. He made me believe maybe one day I could fly….now many years later Brandon Routh, the new SUPERMAN, has done just that as well. Not only was I blown away by the amazing special effects, the moving and very deep story, the decent acting, and of course Bryan Singers GENIUS performance as a director; he has done it, he has brought my hero back to life. It may sound cheesy but I found myself so into it and so moved by the story, I almost cried several times and actually cried towards the end….SUPERMAN has definitely returned. Please, do yourself a favor, get to the movie theatre…and see this movie!!


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