Project Runway Ep. 1

Okay okay, So by popular demand I have decided to do a weekly blogger review of the new amazing season of Project Runway. I will state right off the bat, that even though I work for the production company behind this amazing show, I do NOT know anything about it, I don’t know who gets the boot when, who the finalists are, etc…so DONT even think I have inside information because I don’t. I don’t want to know because I, like many of you, am a HUGE fan of the show. FINALLY…15 new, talented, exciting, and fabulous designers are fighting for the opportunity of a lifetime and chance for stardom. Though with the show doing so well and now re-airing on network giant and owner of Bravo; NBC, Runway may attract an even larger audience and soon take over the world, well not really but in a producers dream world, it would happen.

Episode 1 begins with all 15 designers meeting for the first time at the Beautiful ATLAS apartments in NYC. After all the designers are introduced to the audience and to each other, they all realize they have a letter, which leads to there trip to join Heidi and Tim on the rooftop of the ATLAS building for some bubbly! On a slight sidebar, is it just me or has Tim Gunn really accepted his gayness and now seem like a screaming queen…DESIGNERS has never sounded gayer! HA, though I have to admit, I kinda have a man-crush on him. Okay so then it hits, BOOM, the first challenge, INNOVATION: Use anything and everything in your apartment to make a garment from…YOUR TIME STARTS NOW!

Off the 15 hopefuls run to there assigned apartments to tear apart everything. I felt like I was watching a WWE No Holds Barred match; these bitches didn’t give a shit what they were tearing apart. From the curtains, to the beds, placemat, lamp shades, anything and everything was up for grabs. There is just something so different about this years 15 hopefuls, maybe with all of the success of the 2nd season, they are already bringing there A game compared to last season where it took a few challenges before the stuff got to be pretty rockstar!

So here it is, to the best of my ability, with being as nice as possible in some cases, I figured I’d give you my one word association about each cast member keeping it simple and short:
Keith- sketchy
Angela- Unique
Michael- Off-the-chain
Alison- Classic
Jeffrey- Kinda-HOTT!
Laura- Flawless
Malan- Intriguing
Bradley- Hy-F’N-sterical!
Uli- Perfectionist
Katherine- Street-savy
Vincent- Tragic with a side of Hy-F’N-sterical!
Bonnie- Elegant
Stacy- Yikes!
Robert- GRRRR!! (Come on now, he’s funny to and cute!)

So, after some fabulous hair and makeup, the models take the runway for the first walk of the season. Judges are set, designers are set, as the designs come down the runway. Now I am not going to comment about each design but wanted to point out my 3 favorites are; Laura’s amazing Jacket, so elegant and charming, though the leaves were a little much, it brought the piece together nicely. Robert Best’s cute little dress looked flawless with the low back and the red ribbon around the waist, just so cute, though very Barbie esq. though I am sure he will hear that a lot through out the season. And of course I loved Kayne’s piece, just so elegant and well made, something he is good at and it showed. Right off the bat, I am pulling for him. Though I also am very excited about Michael Knight, finally a HOTT black man from ATL here to represent and prove that straight dudes can make good clothes to…LOVES IT!

All in all the first episode kept me laughing and interested the entire time, it’s of course well cut and shot and the peeps behind this show know there shit…Keep it up, I can’t wait till next week.


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