Birthday Crazyness

Lets recap the events of this past weekend, they are clearly to good not to share! (Sidenote: This blog is fairly long but oh so fun to read, pardon my spelling errors as I was feeling to lazy to read through again and spell check it! hahah)
I had worked all day and flew home to change to arrive promptly at my good friend Iris’ Birthday party happening at L Scorpion on Hollywood Blvd. Greeted by my fabulous lady friends I immediatly got myself a cocktail and was charged $15 for it…I realized there would be a whole lotta nursing of my drinks to come. The little get together was a lot of fun joined by Iris’ closest friends like Julie. Julie is a tall, beautiful blond who in my opinion is a freaking sweetheart and who I hope to spend some more time with. Her and I chatted a bit when a couple of her friends showed so our convo was cut short.
Kristin and I spent the entire evening doing 3 things, taking pictures of ourselves, playing “Is he or isn’t he GAY?”, and laughing hysterically about the girl who did not want her picture taken and when we went to threw her hand in the air like she was Princess Diana being chased at photographers…truly classic. We of course were joined by some people from SCOUT including the sweet and oh so gay boy who works for DC who was incredibly funny and great to hang out with. It of course would not be Hollywood if we didn’t have a celebrity sighting; this time it was the star of Veronica Mars, whos name is escaping me and I can’t be bothered to look it up. All in all it was a fun but tame evening, espcially in lue of what was to come on Saurday night.


I started the day before my birthday, but the 2nd day in a series of 3 that I would be celebrating for my birthday, with a brunch outting with my old roommates and my “Gay dads” from San Francisco who came down with my soon to be relocated friend Wayne to celebrate with me. The food at GRUB was incredible and if you ever get to go there, ORDER THE BACON!! SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!! We left there to go and lay by the pool of the hotel they were staying at where this foreign woman layed NAKED by the pool, clearly trying to avoid tan lines. Sitting next to her was her BF who was quite an attractive man BUT had at least a small C cup set of man boobs. Not pretty! I left my boys to get some stuff done and then a few hours later joined Wayne and Paul for Dinner at a fabulous sushi place on Santa Monica where we enjoyed the best Spicy Tuna Roll EVER. We left to get my birthday cake, where madness insued because the bakery was closed and Paul and I were having none of it. We got a manager to get us a cake out of the frige and headed to the checkout where we ran into Charlie O’Connell, Jerry’s Brother, who looked fine as hell, scruffy and in pink shorts…interesting. Anyways, we darted to my house to finish getting ready where Kristin met me and we all left to head to ICANDY for the party. The party was amazing; Everyone came, we all drank way to much, danced way to much, took a lot of pictures, and enjoyed looking and being served by the icandy at ICANDY. The staff was truly incredible and Ireally apperciate the DJ playing everything I wanted to hear including “TURN IT UP” by Paris and FutureSex/Lovesongs by Justin Timberlake both of which are not released yet as singles. Do you love it!?

It was great having friends from NY meet friends from LA who met friends from San Francisco who met friends from Reality TV hahaha…and everyone got along! We headed back to my house; and when I say we, I mean myself, Austin, his friend Adam, my roomie Bobby and countless other cute gay boys. After playing some cards and making out with a very cute boy, I called it a night…oh and of course our neighbor showing up in a MooMoo and yelling at us…sorry girl!

Okay, so finally I officially turned 25. This birthday had so much meaning to me. I have overcome so much and made my life so drastically different but in such a positive way and I am so very proud of the work that I have done to make it what it is…thank god for being blessed and having strong people to walk through life with me along the way. I saw the boys from SF for some food and head turning for Brunch at the ABBEY. I really miss Brad and Paul, such lights in my life and it is hard not having them around all the time. Anywhoo, I headed to The Standard in Hollywood to take part in a great EMMY party being thrown by Project Runway and The Magical Elves. It was a great time and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Sadly, we didn’t win and lost to the worst reality show ever; the Amazing Race. OYE! I ran into Runway Producer and friend Michael Rucker who also writes a behind the scenes blog for about Runway that you should all check out, who told us he had heard that John Stewart who presented the award, turned to Colbert after presenting it to Amazing Race and said “It should of been Runway!” –Damn right I tell you! So later in the evening Tim Gunn arrived and hung out with the crowd. I was in the back when I heard a bunch of people calling my name. I walked towards the gathered crowd and realized Tim Gunn was standing there with a birthday cake and led the crowd, like only he can, in singing me Happy Birthday.

I was floored, I have been such a huge fan of Runway and to now not only be working on the show but having the one and only Tim Gunn sing me Happy Birthday, it was almost to much for a gay boy to bear. Several photo ops later I was trying to leave when I ran into American Idol 5 Winner Taylor Hicks who was leaving as well from our party. I went up to him and said “Hey both of our shows lost tonight, lets take a picture!”, to which he responded, drunkly, “Sure! I thought you guys were going to win for sure!” That’s right even the American Idol himself thought Project Runway should of won…Robbed I tell you ROBBED!!

Much love to everyone for one of the most amazing birthdays I could of only dreamed of. Being 25 is going to be a good year… I can feel it!
Stay Fabulous!


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