Bad Girls Road Trip on Oxygen

I was lucky enough to join these Crazy ladies on a Road Trip starting in Nashville and ending in Boston…Here is a story the Hollywood Reporter did on the show that will be a sure hit of the Summer …BAD GIRLS ROAD TRIP! Also, make sure you watch closely as yours truly makes a few special cameos on the show in a few of the episodes and check out all of my Bad Girls Casting footage exclusilvely on!
Oxygen wants more “Bad Girls” on the network.

The channel said Wednesday that it has ordered a six-episode spinoff of its top-rated reality series “The Bad Girls Club,” from Bunim-Murray, along with a second season of the original show.

The spinoff, “Bad Girls Road Trip,” begins shooting this spring for a June 12th debut. It will feature Season 1 housemates Leslie, Aimee and Zara as they meet each other’s friends and family, visit the other “bad girls” in their hometowns and help cast the next season of the show. Casting events will be held in such cities as Atlanta, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and Nashville.

Season 2, which is set for 22 episodes and a late-2007 premiere, will feature seven new “bad girls” — those who lie, cheat and flirt their way out of trouble and have serious issues with other women — living in a house together as they decide whether they want to change their behavior.

“Bad Girls” debuted in December and has become the network’s highest-rated original series ever. The show airs regularly at 10 p.m. Tuesdays and will have its first-season finale May 1.

” ‘The Bad Girls Club’ is a bona fide hit — our audience can’t get enough of these women,” said Debby Beece, president of programming and marketing at Oxygen.

Added Bunim-Murray’s Jon Murray, exec producer of “Bad Girls”: “Debby and her staff know their audience and have been incredibly helpful in making sure our show reverberates with them.”


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