Long Beach Pride

Long Beach Pride slammed with a one and two this weekend. I had a super great time spending time with Wayne and his future husband Rapheal and his friends who live in Long Beach, Sean and Manny, who I have to thank for there incredible hospitality. We hit a few LB hot spots on Saturday night (Silver Fox & Club Ripples) and had a good ole drunk time. Sunday came (very early after only having 5 hours of sleep) and the boys and I headed to Ocean Blvd to join up with the DOT NEWS MAGAZINE crew to ride on the float in the ever so long pride parade…which I must say was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had in my life. The energy you get from all of those people, being around friends, laughing, dancing, the music; it just was incredible and then working the booth and pride and getting new people to read the magazine and meeting people who read the issue and enjoy what I write for it and the content of the magazine in general made me incredibly proud to be apart of such a great publication. Check us out online at dotnewsmagazine.com and be our MYSPACE friend at Myspace.com/DOTNEWSMAGAZINE
Here are some Pics from the weekend…ENJOY!


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