Me sworry!

That gay hater now reformed gay lover Isaiah Washington has actually apologized for his actions to GA Co-Star Katherine Heigl. Looking back on the situation shes your typical fag hag so she had every right to stick up for TR and his actions were just plain dumb so I’m glad to see that she is apperciative of his apology and that he actually did apologize.

ISAIAH WASHINGTON thanked his GREY’S ANATOMY castmate KATHERINE HEIGL for speaking out against his homophobic slur towards show actor T.R. KNIGHT.

Washington and co-star Patrick Dempsey were involved in an on-set fight last October (06), when the actor reportedly referred to Knight as a “f**got” – a remark he repeated at this year’s Golden Globe awards in January (07).

But Heigl insists Washington has seen the error of his ways – and was thankful she spoke out against him.

She says, “Isaiah thanked me, which I didn’t understand. He was almost grateful. I don’t know Isaiah well, but he takes his work seriously and he loves his character.

“He made a big mistake, and it was thoughtless and boneheaded, and I think he’s very sorry and embarrassed. This is something that will have changed the scope of his life.”


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