My darling friend and boss Kara and I went to see Ms Mandy Moore perform to a sold out crowd at the Roxy on Sunset last night and the show was incredible. The crowd was rather strange ranging from old men wearing wool sweaters to little kids and there moms being shocked and appauld by the loud obnoxious drunk gay men making out – no NOT me. Mandy kept us waiting for a bit but when she finally came out it was well worth it. Song after song Mandy broke down any barriers that may have been up in anyones mind that she wasn’t a true and real artist – she is that and so much more! I adore her in everyway and now even so much more so after seeing her live. In the house watching the show was none other than DJ AM and Wilmer, Heidi, Spencer, and Brody from MTV’s The Hills. The place has paparatzi and I am not sure if they caught it but at one point while Mandy was singing a very personal song she looked in the direction of DJ AM (her latest ex) and sang to him…rather interesting. Anyways, the highlight of the show was Mandy singing a song I posted on here a few weeks ago called Gardenia where she actually started crying at the end of the song…we love you Mandy; keep working it out! Listen to Gardenia right here, right now, then go and buy WILD HOPE – you won’t regret it!


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