July’s TV’s Tops & Bottoms

Hey hey hey…It’s that time of the month again, here is my July DOT News Magazine Exclusive TV’s Tops & Bottoms…Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment about what you think….Agree? Disagree? Think I’m god? WHATevs!! You can of course check this out and SOO much more at: DOT News Magazine
TV’s Tops and Bottoms
By Jonathan “Woody” Woodbeck

The fact is, the more laughing you do, the more calories you burn. Since the gays are always so worried about their body image, we try to do a lot of laughing! This month I decided to concentrate on the shows that always make us laugh and the shows that are also a big joke.


Kathy Griffin: My Life on The D-List (BRAVO)
Do I really need to explain to you why this is on the top of my tops? Kathy Griffin is back, with an insanely popular new season of My Life On The D-List. Joining her is the usual gang, including her assistant Jessica, her furry friends Chance and Pom-Pom, the oh-so-important gays, and her parents (RIP Mr. Griffin, who died during the filming of this season), whom we all adore and love. Also back are our apparent regulars at RAGE in West Hollywood as well as some new people to liven things up, including Griffin’s sexy straight roommate/tour manager, Tom. Griffin is funnier than ever; booking more and more gigs (both good and bad), making appearances all over TV land, including The View, and winning gay hearts all over America. Griffin always brings a smile to my face, so if you need a laugh, check this show out—it is not to be missed.

The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno (NBC)
Anyone else think there is something sexy about Jay Leno? Okay, maybe not, but he is hysterically funny. I do stand-up from time to time, and it’s incredible for me to see Leno on a daily basis. He makes me think of new ways to be funny, creative, witty and charming—all in one hour of television. Leno continuously makes his guests feel at home with his informal comedic approach to interviews and by indulging us as he shows just how not-so-smart we all are during my favorite segment, “Jay Walking.” Jay’s the one who brought Ross the Intern into our lives. I for one will always love him just for that.


How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
I have only seen this show a handful of times, but from what I have seen of it, How I Met Your Mother made me think about how I would get that half-hour of my life back! Ouch, I know that was harsh, but the writing is sometimes questionable. There are plenty of semistellar performances by most of the cast, and by that I mean that the only two good characters on this show played by semi-newly “outed” homo Neil Patrick Harris, who plays ladies’ man (such a stretch) Barney; and by my girl Alyson Hannigan, the lesbian witch Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, who plays Lily. She is reason enough to keep me watching, with her sparkling humor and effortless acting. If you are going to watch, watch because of her; otherwise, skip this show altogether, or you’ll be wondering, as I am, how in the hell you will ever get that half-hour back.

The Big Gay Sketch Show (LOGO)
You all know that I support the gays on TV, but I’m sorry—this show is just not what it could be. I have heard so much hype about The Big Gay Sketch Show, and when I finally watched it, it was like the sex I had a few weeks ago—rather disappointing (and not because of my own performance, I may add). Granted, the skits are original and witty, and play off all things important to your everyday gay, but they lack something very important—comedy! It seems as if nowadays everyone thinks they are comedians, and somehow they all got cast on this show. Okay, a bit harsh, but let me just say: if you’re going to be the only gay sketch comedy show, kick it up a notch, take a few more risks and dare to be funnier than a knock-off version of Mad TV.


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