Moving on

Hey guys!
I know it has been forever since I posted but my Current gig at has kept me so busy writing, reading, researching, and editing content for the web that after sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours, I have a horrible time wanting to be anywhere near it after that, HA!

Speaking of which, I have decided to leave my job with Current and move back to LA. I’m really going to miss everyone at Current and I did enjoy my job but it just wasn’t a right fit. I am young and wanting to make big moves and continue to climb up the ladder in this business that I love and in doing so I need to surround myself in the business and others in it. With that said, SF is just so disconnected from it all that I just couldn’t justify living in a city where I’m so far from everything and being at a job that didn’t give me the creative vibes I need and want to be apart of my daily life. I know I took a huge risk coming back to SF and leaving all that I had in LA but you know what, I can’t live life with regrets. Do I wish I had stayed at E! and with the incredible team I worked with; YES of COURSE!! I loved it there but life has a funny way of working and just because this road was a dead end doesn’t mean it hasn’t increased my professional knowledge and love for this business.

So, this Thursday, I head back to LA with just the things I need, I will moving my stuff back to LA sometime in May when my bestie, Jeff, and I get a place together. I don’t have work quite lined up yet but I’m going with it. I have to be confident enough in my professional experience and knowledge that when I am fully back in LA someone will snatch me right up and I’ll be working in no time. I am excited about coming back, I really have so much to be thankful for and knowing what is waiting for me in LA is incredibly exciting.

As for the rest of this week, I finish work at Current tomorrow and then Thursday I drive down, Jeff’s Birthday Messfest is that night at Avalon for Tigerheat, and then Friday through Sunday; Frank, Jeff, and I are in Palm Springs for The White Party which I am super excited about. My first time going and I am sure, the 3 of us, are going to be the messsties we can be!

that’s it for now! Promise I’ll be writing more from here on out!
All the best and thanks to you all for your support!
Woody 🙂


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