Dancing with the Stars? (ish)

Alright…here it is! Season 10’s cast for DANCING WITH THE STARS has been revealed!  Check it out!  This season premieres on March 22 on ABC!

• Pam Anderson — Someone is bound to get knocked out by those boobs!
• Kate Gosselin — GAG!
• Evan Lysacek — Ummm yes please! So happy he’s on the show! SEXXXY!
• Buzz Aldrin — Well they needed someone on the show with an AARP card.
• Shannon Doherty — YES YES YES! BRENDA WALSH in da house!
• Nicole Scherzinger — Isn’t she like already an amazing dancer?
• Niecy Nash — She gonna drop it like its hot on the floor.
• Erin Andrews — SNOOZE!
• Chad Ochocinco — Athlete…CHECK!
• Aiden Turner — Ummm…okay?
• Jake Pavelka — Tool alert! Tool alert!


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